what did i just read

I’m so done I can’t do it bye

Apparently there’s a rumor going round school that I’m pregnant. I made it.


Me and Emotional Papi: A Lovers Quarrel pt 2
Drake: *Gets in bed*
Me: Remember when you did a song with Rihanna and not me?
Drake: Babe, I did not know you.
Me: I understand that but I sent you ~so~ many letters.
Drake: I thought you said you weren't mad anymore.
Me: I'm not mad.
Drake: You sound hostile.
Me: I'm not. I swear.
Drake: Then what's wrong.
Me: Nothing is wrong.
Drake: I'm just glad we can move past this.
Me: Me too.
Drake: *Kisses my cheek* Goodnight bae.
Me: ....
Me: im just saying i feel some type of way when you said that. if you loved me you would have chased after me to find out how that came off to me when you said it i mean its like sometimes i feel like you dont even know me or care. you need to unfollow that bitch on insta and tell her to stopliking so many fucking pictures for i hunt her ass down and kill that ugly fkn daughter of hers she know we together so why havent you said anything and why tf didn't you read the letters that i sent to you and why didnt u respond in a timely manner its like you dont even care at all about my feelings
Drake: It is 3 am.
Me: I wrote like 32 letters. I am dead serious.

Wait a minute… This doesn’t look like the park

I laughed too hard at this